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Nithin G.R

Machine Learning Researcher

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I am an enthusiastic Machine Learning Researcher with a passion for deep learning algorithms and self-supervised learning techniques.


I am extremely disciplined in academics and love to dissect and break down complex problems into their fundamental elements, and solve them ground-up. Hailing from an Electronics background, I am a self-learnt coder and have acquired most of the knowledge through hours of disciplined self-study.


My long term goal is to create a intelligent system which directs human beings and helps establish world order and peace, by providing perspective on solving problems with social consequences.


B.E (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

SSN College of Engineering(Autonomous, Affiliated to Anna University)
Chennai, India


Research Experience

MITACS Globalink Research Internship

Western University, Ontario, Canada

May 2021 – July 2021

MITACS Globalink Research Intern under Dr. Boyu Wang from the Department of Computer Science, Western University, Ontario, Canada. My research focuses on Domain Adaptation, Domain Generalization techniques for learning Invariant Feature Representations for Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Solarillion Foundation, Chennai, India

Jan 2020 - Present


Ongoing active research in Machine Learning/Deep learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Specific research areas include Video based and Vision-Language problems. Current research focusing on for Sign Language Translation from videos using Temporal Attention and Transformer based architectures.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India

April 2020 - Present

Guide: Dr. Venkateswaran N (Prof., ECE Dept) Current work focusing on Deep Learning for Image Fusion and Pansharpening for Enhancing Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing.


'Sign Language Translation Using Multi-Context Transformer'

Badri Narayanan N, Mahesh K Bharadwaj, Nithin G R, Dhiganth Rao Padamnoor, Vineeth Vijayaraghavan

Accepted and Presented at Mexican International Conference for Artificial Intelligence (MICAI) 2021.

Article Published at the Lecture Notes for Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) Series.
[Paper]  [Abstract]

'Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition for Elderly In-Patients using Luong Self-Attention Networks'

Nithin G R, Mihika Chhabra, Yujiao Hao, Boyu Wang, Rong Zheng

Accepted at IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies (CHASE) 2021

Will be published in IEEE Proceedings.


3rd Best Paper Award out of all the papers submitted to MICAI 2021 for 'Sign Language Translation Using Multi-Context Transformer' by Mexican International Conference for Artificial Intelligence (MICAI) 2021.


Modelling and Predicting On-Time Performance of Flights:
Modelled and developed a Two-Stage Pipelined Machine Learning Engine to forecast the Delay Time of Flights. Experimented with linear, tree-based and ensemble classifier and regressor models. Performed dataset preprocessing and merging and oversampling to eliminate imbalance in the dataset. Performed regression testing along with general evaluation of the model with common metrics. (Tools used: Python, Sci-Kit Learn, Pandas and NumPy)

Clickbait Detection using Deep Learning:
Built a task-specific model to classify news headlines as clickbait or nonclickbait by adapting the Transformer encoder for classification task. (Tools used: Python and TensorFlow)


Wearable Device Design for Monitoring People with ASD (ongoing,IFP):

Conducting a study to measure physiological signals - Pulse Rate, Skin Temperature, Skin Conductivity and Heart Rate - of individuals having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Future directions involve performing analysis on cloud using Deep Learning on collected data and designing the resource constrained DL architecture for a smart wearable device.


Smart Road Traffic Clearance for Emergency Vehicles – Smart India Hackathon 2020:

Proposed an IoT framework for traffic clearance at road signals for ambulances and other emergency vehicles using Google Geolocation APIs, Computer Vision and Edge CNNs. (Tools used: NodeMCU, Arduino, ThinkSpeak and Python)


Restaurant Management System - Vashisht IIITDM Hackathon 2019:

Bagged 2nd place in the hackathon. Developed a prototype of a basic Restaurant Management System. (Tools used: Python, Tkinter GUI)

Co-curricular activities

Teaching Assistant, Solarillion Foundation

Main responsibilities include designing assignments for orientees to the foundation, tracking and reviewing their progress in research and providing technical assistance when required. Other responsibilities include writing detailed weekly reports on research progress of orientees.